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Intractable conflicts are prevalent worldwide, causing severe damage to the rival parties. Even when these conflicts are resolved by signing peace agreements, without proper attention to this damage, these conflicts can re-erupt. To prevent this, the current article describes - based on a literature review - an inclusive model that integrates three main processes that heal this damage (active reconciliation, passive reconciliation and self-healing) while discussing their interconnections and implications in promoting sustainable peace. Some of the main topics that are addressed are third party involvement, mutual positive impacts of the three processes, why the model is "inclusive" and "integrated", the difficulties in initiating the three processes, the sequence of their initiation, parallel practice of the three processes, the impact of the three processes on signing a peace agreement and the applicability of the model also to other types of collective violence (other than conflicts). 

Rafi Nets,
Jul 9, 2020, 12:28 PM